Cristian Keiser Ramos De Leon
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My name is Cristian Keiser Ramos De Leon. I'm 13 years old.

My birthday is
March 4, 2006.
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My Story

Hello! How are you? It is a pleasure to send you many greetings and I hope you are doing very well together with your loved ones. I want to tell you that I am living with my parents and siblings. I have three siblings.  Two of them are in the United States. My father, siblings and I are in good health. My mother had a surgery in her throat a few months ago, and fortunately everything went well and now she is recovering little by little. My father is the owner of some trucks and has a backhoe. Occasionally he drives it, but most of the time he supervises the work.  My mother does not work out of our home.  She is a housewife. I am attending fifth grade at school and my favorite subject is mathematics. I enjoy playing soccer at recess with my friends.

At home I help my mother to do some chores and sweep and mop my room. I love to spend time with my family when we go out and especially when we go to Guatemala City. It is so cheerful. My dream is to become a professional motorcycle rider and participate in different challenges. Another of my dreams is to be a professional soccer player. The things that I love to do are to play the trumpet, play soccer and drive motorcycles. My mother and I are attending a Christian Church called World Missionary Movement. I want to tell you that I can play the drums at church and I feel so happy when I play in the group. As a family, we have not passed through hard situations thanks to God.  I would like to ask for your prayers for my family and that we can be fine at home. Thank you very much for your support to me through Living Water. It has been a pleasure to write this letter and I hope you like it. I say good-bye to you for now. May God bless you in everything you do!

With much love

Cristian Keiser Ramos De Leon

Translated by: Violeta Hernandez / A-A-C Secretary /Antigua