Etleva Nofulla
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My name is Etleva Nofulla. I'm a 19-year-old girl.

My birthday is
December 30, 1999.
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My Story

Etleva Nofulla is in good health. She attends the third grade at high school and is doing well with the lessons, receiving good evaluation marks in the different subjects they take by the teachers. At the end of this year she will get graduated and depending on her evaluation grades might win the right to attend the university. Her class will organize a mature party which is an important event for all of them. During the afternoons she gets together with her friends to chat for a while Etleva lives in Low Rodokal and she needs to walk for more than forty minutes to get to school and to our program. During the afternoons, she also is helping the family cooking or doing the housekeeping together with her mother. Etleva attends twice a week, every Monday and Thursday our feeding program in Rodokal, enjoying the combined meals cooked and served to the participating children. Our menu is pasta and sausages or fried chicken and rise. During the meal, the children enjoy a fruit. Etleva attends the Bible classes together with the children who are same age with her, organized after the meals by our teachers. After each class, she and the other children play volleyball for a while at our centre under the care of the evangelism team of teachers. Once a year Etleva has the possibility to get a free check in our dental clinic and get her teeth fixed.  Etleva’s family of seven persons lives in a simple home in Low Rodokal containing two rooms. She has a brother who is fifteen years old. His name is Bulent. He attends the ninth grade at school and is also in our program. Feridon, her father is emigrating in Macedonia and there he works three months each year in agriculture to provide for his family. What he gets is less, but at least is a secure income to provide what is needed the most in his family. Same as all families in the village, they own land. During this year they have planted wheat as they make their bread at home. They also keep a cow and have milk and other products for self consumption. The stock food for the cow is provided through the land. Merijeme, the mother does the housekeeping and during this season she is also working on her vegetable garden. Bulent is also helping the family by carrying to feed the cow during the day. The family is still living under poverty as the father can’t fully provide through his work all needed.  The team visited the family to receive this update as well as to present the gospel. The mother welcomed them but she didn’t show interest to hear the team as they tried to explain to her about salvation.