Elida Yasmin Yanira Yat Choc
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About Me
My name is Elida Yasmin Yanira Yat Choc. I'm a 14-year-old.

My birthday is
October 21, 2008.
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Nueva Esperanza

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My Story

Hello! I thank you very much for being interested in reading my updated information. My name is Elida Yasmin Yanira Yat Choc. I am 13 years old. Thank God, I am in good health and so is my family. I am a sixth-grade student. I receive my classes online every day, and I also use study guides at home. I deliver my homework every 15 days. I use WhatsApp, and we have Wi-Fi at home. I am striving to go ahead with my studies, but it is hard for me when I do not understand the lessons. Right now, I am working in a small sale cooking waffles. I miss attending the feeding program since it is closed due to the pandemic restrictions. What I miss the most are the bible teachings and receiving tasty meals. I live 10 minutes from the program. I thank God because my father is out of jail, and he is living with us again. He is working by making plastic baskets to sell and get income. My mother earns a living by cooking and selling “tamalitos de frijol y chipilin” (homemade food).

On Christmas, we enjoy dinner at home, and we eat “tamales y ponche de frutas” (a typical dish and hot fruit punch). We like to go out for a walk in the neighborhood. It is a good time with my family. We are not attending church. We live in our own property; there is one room made of blocks and wood boards, tin sheets, and a cement floor. The kitchen and bathroom are separate. We have water and electricity services. The house condition is good, but willing God, we will improve it to make it more comfortable. We are so grateful to Living Water for blessing us with food parcels during the time the program has been closed. It is a great blessing for my family, and it always arrives at the right moment. Unfortunately, this pandemic has affected my family due to a lack of work which is making it hard to get our food. Sadly, my grandmother got sick with covid-19 and passed away. It has been very hard to accept her death. For now, our greatest needs are groceries and resources for school expenses. Finally, I want to tell you that a member from LW visited us at our home, so I gave this updated information personally. I say goodbye to you for now. Every blessing for you!

Hugs with much love,

Elida Yasmin Yanira Yat Choc

Translated by: Violeta Hernandez / A-A-C Secretary-Antigua