Marinela Lleshi
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My name is Marinela Lleshi. I'm a 15-year-old girl.

My birthday is
December 1, 2003.
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My name is Marinela Lleshi. I am a fifteen years old girl and my birthday is on December 1st. I am doing well and enjoy good health. I have to keep glasses in order to see better, but this is not at all a problem for me. My family and I live in Katjel. I attend the ninth grade at school. At present, I am very busy learning as we have many tests and our final exams in three subjects and these exams determinate our closing evaluations. I will successfully complete the ninth grade of school and receive the premature graduation diploma. This gives me the right to attend the high school for three more years. On September, I will start the high school on Perrenjas. This is a small town close to Katjel and we need to use transportation to get there. During the afternoon, I like to help my family cooking or cleaning the home. I also find time to meet with my friends and chat for a while or play volleyball. We gather close to our homes.  Every Tuesday and Friday, I attend the feeding programme at the feeding centre of Katjel. There I enjoy the meals and attend the discipleship classes. After the Bible lesson, I join to play volleyball with the other teenagers who attend the programme. I benefit a free dental care once a year at the feeding programme clinic.

My family and I live in Katjel. As we are quite a big family of six persons, my parents have built a bigger house which contains six rooms. My uncle and grandfather share the same home with us. My father’s name is Clirim and mother’s name is Vojsava. I have a brother whose name is Albi. He is thirteen years old and will compete the seventh grade at school in a few days from now.  Same as all the people who live in the village, my family owns land and has the possibility to raise animals. My parents, uncle and grandfather have planted wheat and alfalfa. We use wheat as my mother bakes the bread at home and is also used as stock food for the cow. In a part of the land, my parents have also planted alfalfa, which is also used to feed the cow. Carrying for our cow, my family is supplied in milk and other sub products. Once a year, my parents sell its calf and gain a bit more income. My grandfather is retired. He also receives a small village pension. With this amount, he can at least cover a few of his own living expenses but this income is also helpful to our whole family. My father emigrates in Greece because what comes from the land and what is profited from the animals is too less to cover all our living needs. My father stays there for seven to nine months. He is hired there in agriculture. He collects cherries and is also carrying for these trees prompting them. What he earns is a good amount to support all of us through there. My father has also a harvesting machine (combine). My father works with it during July or August. His pay doing this job is profitable, but he is hired for a short period of time. The welfare of our family is well compared to others who face poverty, but even for us life in the village is a challenge and we lack many basic things.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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