Geovany Ajqui Chic
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My name is Geovany Ajqui Chic. I'm a 18-year-old boy.

My birthday is
June 9, 2001.
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My Story

Dear Sponsor,

Hello! I hope you are doing well together with your loved ones. I send you warm greetings and I pray God pours out many blessings upon your life. It is very joyful for me to have the opportunity to tell you about my life through this letter. God has been good with us because my whole family is fine. My father is working in the United States, but he is not faithful to send money for our needs. I try to help my mother with the home income. My mother works hard at home and raises domestic animals such as hens, ducks, cows and goats for selling. My mother has done her best to cover our needs. I have three brothers and three sisters. My sisters are already married, and one of them helps my mother with the household chores. My brothers are still studying. My brothers and I grow corn and black beans for our family.

I did not attend school this year because I went to work at the coast, and I returned home after the classes had already begun. I hope to return to school next year. Sometimes, my neighbors hire me to work with them in their corn crops. We celebrate Christmas in our family and we prepare “tamales and ponche” (typical dish and hot fruit punch). We also wait for midnight to see the colorful fireworks that other people light. I also light some fireworks. I like it when there is a special activity or service at my church. My desire is to go to work at the coast and help my mother financially. I also want to resume my studies and learn more. I attend Prince of Peace Church with my family and we love to serve God and to hear His Word. It was a great pleasure for me to share with you about my life. I say goodbye to you for now.

With much love

Geovany Ajqui Chic

Translated by: Loyda de Osorio/AAC Secretary