Mardoqueo De La Cruz Cux
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My name is Mardoqueo De La Cruz Cux. I'm a 15-year-old boy.

My birthday is
February 22, 2004.
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My Story

Dear Sponsors,

Hello! It is a pleasure to send you my greeting with much love in this letter and I hope you are receiving the Lord´s blessings upon you. I feel so excited to tell you that I am living with my parents and siblings. Thanks to God we are healthy. I am 14 years old and this year I did not enroll at school because I had been working with my father at the coast. When I came back home the school year was already started but I hope that next year I will be enrolled to continue with my studies. Last year I finished second grade and the next year I will be in third grade.  For now, I go to help my father with his job in the field. My dream is to get a good job to build my own house and help my family economically. I enjoy sharing a good time with my friends. Sometimes, we go for a stroll and we play football and we have a lot of fun together.

My father works as a farmer, day laborer and also, he travels to the coast to work in whatever season of the year in order to cover our home expenses. My mother works hard at home, and she raises domestic animals. My parents grow husk tomatoes to sell in the local market and earn some extra money. I have four sisters and four brothers but almost all of them are already married only one sister is at home, and she helps my mother with the chores at home. Also, she weaves. I love to celebrate Christmas with my family. We give thanks to God for giving us a new opportunity to share all together and for that date my mother cooks tamales (typical food) to share all together. It is so special for me. I am attending Prince of Peace Church with my family. We go on Fridays and I love praying and singing praises to our Lord. Thank you for your love and help to me through Living Water because I can have my food and medicine there and it is a great blessing for me. I say good bye to you for now and I pray that our Lord prospers your life and everything you do. Many blessings!

Kisses and hugs

Mardoqueo De La Cruz Cux

Translated by: Violeta Hernandez / AAC Secretary /Antigua