Marcela De La Cruz Grave
Ref# CA0785

About Me
My name is Marcela De La Cruz Grave. I'm a 18-year-old girl.

My birthday is
July 24, 2001.
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My Story

Dear Madrina:

Good morning madrina, I want to tell you that I am good and healthy together with my family. I am not studying because I do not like it; but sometimes, I think that it is wrong quitting my studies. My father always works cutting sugar cane at the coast, from November until May. He always calls us by phone every week, and faithfully supports us every fifteen days with money. When my father is with us he gathers firewood and grows corn for us. My mother does household chores, as well as tends to our six sheep.

I have three brothers, the older his name is Rosalio, he works as a store attendant in Guatemala City, with his income he helps us with expenses, and my other brothers are young. They play football and toy cars. In addition, I have two sisters, ones name is Lilian, she works at tortilla shop, and she always supports us. The others name is Gloria, who cares for my little brother. As for me, I do chores at home, such as, washing clothes, making tortillas, tending sheep, and carry water to the house.

I enjoy Christmas day, because with whole my family we eat “tamales”, a typical meal made with corn dough, meat and tomato sauce. My desire is going to work making tortillas at the coast or in Guatemala City; to earn money and support my family. My family and I attend Assembly of God Church, and I enjoy singing the praises. I am very grateful to you for supporting me and appreciating me, and also I appreciate you.

With much love

Your sponsored child

Marcela De La Cruz Grave

Translated by: Mery Martin / AAC Secretary