Julio Rodriguez Ajqui
Ref# CA0774

About Me
My name is Julio Rodriguez Ajqui. I'm a 19-year-old boy.

My birthday is
April 11, 2000.
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My Story

Dear Sponsors

Hello dearest sponsors! It is a great joy for me to send you cordial greetings, and I hope you are in good health. There are eight siblings in my family, and two of my siblings are already married. My father always supports us by working hard as a good farmer and day laborer; in addition he goes to the coast to work in the field for two months. On the other hand my mother works hard with the chores at home.

I am not able to attend the feeding program by walking because many years ago, I was accidentally shot in one of my legs and I lost it; so I am not able to walk so fast but thankfully my siblings bring me my food from the feeding program. Please pray for me and my family.

I no longer study, because I do not want to. Therefore I weave traditional costumes to sell them. My wish for the future is to work as a salesclerk, but because of my foot issues, it is hard for me to find a job. My favorite special moment is Christmas day, because my family and I are accustomed to prepare a special food called “tamales” (a traditional meal made with corn dough, meat and tomato sauce) for dinner. My family and I still do not attend any church, moreover it is difficult for me to go to church and my father has alcoholic problems. I ask you to continue praying for my father and my family’s spiritual life. I thank you for supporting me. May God pour out many blessings upon you! I say goodbye to you with much affection.

In Jesus name

Your sponsored child

Julio Rodriguez Ajqui

Translated by: Mery Martin / AAC Secretary